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5FY service centres

Every SUEX DPV is a concentrate of technology and functionality. It has been created to be a strong and durable product and it needs to be tested and properly maintained in order to keep its performance at best and to grant the diver safety. The SUEX certified service centres offer an impeccable service through competent personnel who has acquired specific knowledge on the product and detailed technical capabilities.

They have reached the SUEX certification attending dedicated and complete courses kept from SUEX official trainers. They are the sole persons able to do any kind of intervention on the DPVs while respecting the company standards and the sole persons enabled to activate the 5FY warranty extension.

Technical Experts

5 For You

The personnel enabled to do the SUEX DPVs maintenance and repair has been duly trained through intensive courses held at SUEX and they are always updated, so that they can receive the whole know how the need to manage a SUEX 5FY service centre. The end user may receive the same kind and level of service everywhere in the world and the DPV will be treated as it would be in its manufacturer hands.

Innovative service centres

All the SUEX 5FY service centres disposes of the same tools that the SUEX technicians use for the DPVs inspection and for their maintenance or repair. Modern diagnostic systems allow to check the real DPV conditions and to find out possible problems in advance. The whole spare parts range is summarized in the relevant catalogue and the technical personnel can check the compatibility between spares and DPV and order the components they need to complete the requested job.

The Customer importance

Every SUEX Customer referring to a SUEX 5FY service centre knows that they will find the maximum level of technical competence along with a top-level Customer Care Service. The SUEX Customers always receives a quotation with all the intervention details (description and costs); once they confirm the offer, it remains definitely unchanged. And only after their confirmation the service centre personnel proceed with the needed job.  This procedure means transparency and attention to the Customer. In the end, all the details and information concerning the DPV maintenance and/or repair are registered and filed in the company database, so that both the SUEX technical personnel and the service centres may access them and know the DPV interventions particulars and sequence.

Warranty extension

The SUEX 5FY service centres are the only ones to be enabled to activate the 5FY warranty extension program. This special program allows the consumer to have the right to extend the regular 2-years warranty up to 5 years on the DPVs purchased starting from year 2022, for private use. The only requested condition is that the DPV owner does the maintenance interventions specified in the 5FY regulations. Only SUEX can grant you such a long warranty period on your DPV!

Not only DPVs

The 5FY service centres are also enabled to check the DPV electronic systems and to upgrade the DPVs firmwares. In this way the tools functioning is always kept monitored and their performance granted at best. Last but not least, possible problems may be prevented.