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Reserved Area: comprehensive assistance for Suex customers

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Suex has always been committed to revolutionising the world of underwater exploration: its DPVs are a concentrate of technology, designed to make dives safer, extend the scope of the areas divers can reach and provide data and information able to enhance the diving experience.

However, our commitment is not limited to the vast expanses hidden below the surface of the water: Suex is always ready to assist divers before, during and after dives, providing them with all the support they need to get the most out of their DPV.

The Reserved Area of our website is one of the resources available that helps us keep this promise of quality and assistance to anyone that has chosen Suex for their underwater dives.

The Reserved Area is aimed mainly at customers who have already purchased a Suex product, but it also offers useful information for those interested in finding out more about the world of DPVs, and indicates the nearest retailers to start out as a Fast Lane Diver.

For access, all you have to do is register, by completing the dedicated form with your name, surname, e-mail, telephone number and password: once the form has been sent, the data entered can be used to log in.

The Reserved Area contains several pages that can be viewed only by users who have logged in, allowing them to access exclusive content, information and functions.

Starting from the first page that appears after log-in, users can register their Suex product by selecting the desired category from DPV, Batteries, Dashboard and Sinapsi, then the specific model; at this point, to complete registration, you will be asked to enter the serial number of the item, where and when it was purchased, and a photo of the till receipt or invoice.

If your Suex product is not listed (for example, because the model is no longer in production), the ‘Fill in the form’ button will take you to a form similar to the one described above, but with a more complete list of Suex items.

A registered Suex product appears in the List of Products, which can be reached from the menu in the Reserved Area. For each product, users have up to four options available:

  • Request assistance for a problem of any kind;
  • Access the list of accessories for the product selected;
  • Access the list of spare parts for the product selected;
  • Deactivate the product warranty.

In this way, customers can receive everything they need to maintain top performance for their Suex product.

The Reserved Area also offers other functions.

Tutorial: an archive of videos that help divers to discover all the functions of their DPV scooter, customise their diving experience and get the most of the technical features of the underwater scooter. The tutorials also provide instructions on safety procedures and actions recommended before and after dives.

Calypso Desktop App allows you to download the desktop version of the Calypso App, so you can interact with the data recorded during the dive also from a PC.

Edit Data allows you to add additional data to your profile that may be useful for shipping and invoicing.

The Retailers button takes you to a list of Suex retailers worldwide, so you can find the one nearest you, to purchase Suex products or receive direct assistance for those you already have.

Suex accompanies divers all the time.