Technologien und Innovationen

A work without equal worldwide, for the continued evolution of Suex DPVs

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Ideas are the spark that lights the fire of innovation, allowing us to achieve increasingly ambitious technological objectives. But on their own, they’re not enough: we have to prove they can be put into practice, and that they can achieve the desired results in real application situations.

For this season, feasibility studies and practical tests are a fundamental part of every project, to which Suex dedicates its best resources in order to produce DPVs that are increasingly high-performance, practical and safe.

The heart of our Research & Development process is our diving simulation pool, inaugurated in 2021 to continue transforming the world of underwater exploration for technical experts, professionals and aficionados.

The pool was fully designed and developed directly by Suex, and is a work of engineering unrivalled worldwide: a self-supporting structure 21 metres long, made using 160 quintals of stainless steel to contain 200 m3 of microfiltered water.

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Three cylinders have been positioned along the underwater route: two at the ends, allowing divers to turn around easily and continue, and one in the centre, offering a descent area to reach depths of 5 metres.

There are also three portholes below the water level in the pool, so technical staff can observe the results of their efforts and assess the effective performance of the DPV when in use.

Lastly, the space the pool is located in has been designed to guarantee conditions of absolute darkness: in this environment, with no lighting, divers must rely on the navigation instruments of the DPV, thus guaranteeing an authentic test of their efficacy with a view to their use at great depths, where it is difficult for sunlight to arrive, or in caves.

Because we designed and built this pool ourselves, all these characteristics have been specifically conceived to meet our needs, thus guaranteeing the highest level of quality for our products.

In addition, having a structure like this on our own premises means we do not need to travel or depend on a third party; this allows for greater continuity between the technical and practical phases, making development quicker and ensuring better quality.

All of the above can be summed up in a single phrase: “21 metres for 21 years of Suex”. The pool concentrates and embodies over two decades of experience, technologies and successes in the DPV sector, but rather than an end in itself, it offers a base to build on to continue offering innovation over the coming decades.

The pool is also a benchmark for other companies in the diving world, for testing their products, and the facility hosts other activities not directly connected to research and development, such as events and video production.

For over 20 years, Suex has been developing and producing underwater scooters, paying close attention to product quality and always identifying new solutions to improve the performance, resistance and safety of its products.