Die Geschichten

Discovering the grand diving endeavours undertaken thanks to Suex

dpv sottomarino

No two divers have the impression of the vast – and still largely unexplored – world below the surface of the water.

A challenge to overcome? A treasure chest waiting to be opened? A witness to our past? A guardian of life’s mysteries? A spectacle to admire with reverence? An irresistible attraction? An environment rich in opportunities?

All this – and much more – can be found during any dive; it just depends on what the diver is looking for, and the direction his heart and his inquiring mind is taking him in.

The indomitable will of the diver alone, however, is not sufficient to achieve their objective, which also requires the right equipment, such as Suex DPV scooters.

Our technology accompanies divers on increasingly ambitious dives, and many big names in diving have exploited its potential to accomplish important achievements and bring to light new aspects of the underwater world.

It would have been impossible to obtain such results without an underwater scooter, so these divers and their endeavours are closely linked to Suex. To give their adventures the recognition they deserve, we’ve decided to interview the people behind them and give them the chance to tell their Suex Stories.

Much of today’s multimedia content is temporary, and focuses on just one point of view, or a single aspect: they’re flashes, shots that capture a moment, a minimal part of an experience; content that soon disappears, or quickly becomes obsolete.

Suex Stories, on the other hand, seek to offer an account of all those experiences that have earned the biggest names in diving their place in history, allowing them to achieve their objectives and ambitions and make their dreams come true.

Our aim is to offer a complete picture of sportspeople, explorers, scientists and all those who have devoted their lives to what lies beneath the waves, not only describing the results they achieved, but how they did so.

Suex Stories seek to celebrate these important figures of the diving world, and at the same time to open the doors to their world and share it with others.

In this way, we hope to satisfy curiosity and a desire for emotions, offering a chance to dream and to imagine, and an escape from the sorely trying reality of the last two years, as we step into the shoes of those who have made history in our sector.

Story after story, we’ll be linking people and their experiences, and at the same time, sharing the Suex vision of diving.

But you can make your own Suex Story of underwater exploration with Suex DPVs!