Navigation and monitoring of the underwater DPV with ERON D-1

navigazione dpv

Underwater dives are fascinating, thrilling experiences, but even recreational diving requires attention and experience on the part of divers.

A crucial aspect we must get used to under the surface of the water is orientation: without clear points of reference, it’s difficult to understand the direction we’re headed in, and above all, the direction to take to get us back to the established departure or arrival point.

In addition, the more ambitious divers are, the greater the difficulties they will face: navigating open water without points of reference frequently leads to confusion, while being able to find the exit in an underwater cave is – literally – vital.

So divers must be equipped with tools able to guarantee safe, reliable navigation.

The use of an underwater scooter is already a good, basic supporting resource for dives, boosting range and reducing fatigue for the diver.

However, a DPV is much more than an underwater electric motor: it offers a whole new diving experience, which can be expanded and customised to offer an increasing degree of safety and reliability for divers.

SUEX keeps a close eye on these aspects when designing its DPV scooters, and also provides navigation solutions, such as ERON D-1 Connect.

ERON D-1 Connect is a dashboard for monitoring and navigation, which can be strapped to the diver’s wrist, or positioned directly on the scooter using dedicated supports, maintaining communication between the devices using a wireless system.

The diver interacts with ERON D-1, acquiring important information such as:

  • Bottom Timer
  • Depth (current, maximum and mean);
  • Ascent speed;
  • Editable notes and logs.
  • Navigation by Heading and Waypoints (the latter with SINAPSI);

In addition, with the XJ-S and XK models, ERON D-1 receives updates on the status of the scooter, such as remaining autonomy in minutes at the set speed, state of battery charge of the DPV and instantaneous consumption.

ERON D-1 can also interact with other SUEX devices to expand its functions further: it can engage with the Calypso App to send information and receive firmware updates, while the Sinapsi nose adds data on water speed, distance travelled through water and GNSS; combining all three of these tools unblocks all the functions of the underwater DPV, thanks to the DRIVe system.

Enjoy a whole new diving experience with ERON D-1 Connect!