Proplock, the Suex system for improving diving safety

elica proplock

When designing an underwater scooter, engineers must consider in advance all the needs a deep-sea diver might have and all the situations they might find themselves in, in order to offer technological solutions to meet all kinds of expectations in all kinds of circumstances.

This approach to DPV research and development has allowed Suex to bring innovative ideas on board its products, which have improved the diving experience, the quality of the vehicle and safety for the diver.

For more than 20 years, we have been guiding evolution in the underwater scooter sector and the world of underwater exploration, with revolutionary features such as the Proplock propeller.

The Proplock system consists of disassembling the propeller without the use of tools and without removing any other elements, thus eliminating the presence of separate parts, thanks to the combination of an unscrewable pawl and a locking mechanism.

This solution is undoubtedly very advantageous when it comes to maintenance, because the propeller can be released and attached quickly, without the use of tools and without running the risk of damaging the DPV.

The real strength of the Proplock system, however, becomes evident when it is necessary to release and reattach the propeller underwater.

During dives, it is not uncommon for something to get caught up between the blades of the propeller, such as ropes, abandoned fishing lines and seaweed. In these situations, the foreign body gets tangled up between the blades, blocking the underwater electric propulsion system and leaving the deep-sea diver with an unusable DPV.

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In such situations, THIS can place the diver in grave danger: for example, they may find themselves in difficulty in a cave at the most challenging point of the exploration, left without the use of the DPV, or they may have calculated their gas reserves without taking account of unexpected events like this.

In these cases, there are only two solutions: having a back-up scooter, or removing the propeller to get rid of the foreign body. In this case, however, the presence of separate parts and the need for tools would make the operation very lengthy and difficult underwater.

The Proplock system solves all these problems, preventing the risks associated with an immobilised propeller; in addition, the unscrewable pawl is white, making it more easily visible even in poor lighting conditions.

The Proplock propeller is a simple yet effective solution to a problem that has always affected divers, and Suex was the first company to offer it on the market: the system was patented, and although the patent protection has now been abandoned, allowing others to implement it, the innovation remains the brainchild of Suex, as does the experience in implementing it on underwater scooters.

For over 20 years, Suex has been developing and producing underwater scooters, paying close attention to product quality and always identifying new solutions to improve the performance, resistance and safety of its products.