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The latest great news from the SUEX world: starting from 2023 the 2 years warranty on the product will be valid worldwide and it will be possible to extend it up to 5 years

riparazione dpv

Diving and exploring the underwater world can be easier with the support of a DPV, since it allows a limited fatigue and gas consumption.

The DPV propulsion system allows the divers to extend the diving distance while they get lost among the beauties of the underwater environment.

In this way the diving experience is more exciting and safe: the fatigue of the movements underwater or the risk of being overwhelmed by the underwater currents or of being unable to get to the starting point don’t’ have to be feared, especially if the scooter is combined with cutting edge navigation tools.

It is extremely important that the DPV is suitable for its task from a technical and mechanical point of view.

For some reasons, it depends on how it has been built: its design and assembly have to include the latest technical upgrades in terms of performance and safety, the final product has to be properly tested from experienced and competent divers, since they know all the divers’ need and the different contests they may find, from the open sea to the cave diving.

For some others, it is essential to do a regular DPV maintenance, to check the conditions of all the elements composing it and their proper functioning.

In case a problem arises with the DPV, it is extremely important to let it be checked by the producer or alternatively by a specific technician c/o a SUEX certified service center. In this way the DPV owner has the certainty to assign the product to someone who knows it thoroughly and disposing of authentic spare parts, compatible to the DPV in case some parts need to be replaced.

Mainly for this reason SUEX has been creating a wide network of certified service centres and the Customer can contact them both for the DPV maintenance or for possible repairs, being confident that it will be treated by safe and competent personnel.

Care off the SUEX certified service centres the Customers may require the replacement of some deteriorated parts with authentic SUEX spare parts and they may find a wide range of SUEX accessories to complete their DPV equipment.

For any technical need it is convenient for the Customer to refer to a SUEX certified service centre, where a competent service will definitely be supplied.

The SUEX DPVs regularly registered in the reserved are of the SUEX website are covered by a two-years warranty and from year 2023 it will be valid worldwide. In addition to this the 5 FOR YOU is the real great news for this new year.

5 FOR YOU is an extended warranty program never seen before in the diving sector. It allows the owner of a SUEX DPV bought staring from January 1st 2022 onwards to apply for this wonderful program extending the warranty up to 5 years.

In this way the Customers are certain that their DPV will be maintained properly and completely, avoiding possible unforeseen extra costs. The 5 FOR You program requires a scheduled maintenance program where the Customers may choose the validity of the warranty (up to 3, 4 or 5 years) following their needs.

Once the product has been registered and the two-years warranty has been confirmed, the Customers may choose a SUEX GOLD – 5 FOR YOU certified service centre among those listed in the website and ask to be permitted to reach the extension warranty program.