• The SCOOTER does not run. When the trigger is activated the propeller does not turn.

    Open the SCOOTER, check that the batteries are charged and that the connectors are inserted and undamaged, then try again.

  • Although the battery pack has been charged and the connectors are inserted the DPV does not run.

    • The control system may be damaged – must be checked;

    • The motor may be damaged – must be replaced;

    • The battery pack may be damaged – must be replaced.

  • The SCOOTER’s running time is visibly diminished.

    • The batteries need to be replaced;

    • The battery charger is broken or does not work well – must be replaced.

  • When the main switch is on, the SCOOTER runs continuously with no chance of stopping it.

    The control card is damaged – must be replaced.

  • The motor is noisy.

    The DPV needs to be serviced.

  • Vibrations are felt when the propeller rotates.

    • The propeller is damaged – must be replaced;

    • The drive system is damaged – needs to be serviced.

  • The SCOOTER floods very slowly.

    Replace all the O-rings and carefully check that the seating surfaces are not damaged.

  • The control trigger sticks and the SCOOTER remains running.

    Shut off the SCOOTER, try to slide the starting piston, driven by the trigger, to get out any foreign bodies, try to start again. If the SCOOTER continues to work, the starting system must be verified, probably it was damaged by a shock.

  • There are oil stains on the conic end of the case near the propeller or it is visibly greasy.

    The external propeller shaft seal is damaged and requires maintenance. The second internal seal prevents flooding but you should suspend SCOOTER use and replace the gaskets.

  • Great effort is needed to turn the white knob

    The knob has been damaged, it must be replaced.

  • Even if the shaft pin is in the correct position in the propeller seat, the clutch skips and the dpv does not move forward

    • The traction pin has been damaged and must be replaced;

    • The propeller hub has been damaged and must be replaced.

  • Tightening the knob turns freely and does not stop the propeller

    Too much force was used to tighten the knob and it was damaged, it must be replaced.

  • Tightening the screw on the knob turns it empty

    The knob has been damaged and must be replaced.


    The PROP LOCK PROPELLER is larger than the standard propeller, so the white knob sticks out further. This means that more attention is required when the SCOOTER is positioned vertically and placed on the conveyor: any blows to the propeller (which protrudes further) could damage both the PROP LOCK PROPELLER and the SCOOTER.