With SEIKA the exploration future is wireless

boetta per dpv

The underwater exploration offers the possibility to live strong emotions one cannot feel in other situations: surrounded by the see depth silence and colours the divers make their way towards mysterious places hardly reached by the sun light.

Passion, ambitions, curiosity, knowledge, improvement: all divers have their personal reasons to cross the limit between the surface and the underwater world. Once done, they can write their own story.

The need to dispose of a technologically advanced equipment unites all divers since they want to fully and safely enjoy the diving experience, regardless of the seafloor conditions.

This means that getting oriented is essential: knowing the position in any moment allows the diver to find the correct way back, to move being aware of the dived distance and properly manage the available gas, to identify points of interest that can be visited again in the future or just notified to other divers or researchers, to analyse the dived path once out of the water and to collect important and useful data for the following dives.

The most efficient way to experience a precise navigation on planned targets and /or waypoints is through the SUEX DRIVe navigation system, using the GNSS satellite positioning while beginning the dive.

Thanks to this feature and to the whole DRIVe navigation system the Dead Reckoning navigation grants an unforgettable experience.

SUEX has been completing the DRIVe system adding SEIKA to the above mentioned strategies.

SEIKA acquires the GNSS position and it’s been thought to perfectly integrate with the DRIVe system and with the divers’ experience: it is an SMB (Surface Marker Buoy), i.e. a floating buoy that can reach the water surface from 12 mt depth and it allows to its inner device to communicate with the satellite net and to define a re-fix of the diver exact position in a precise moment; then the buoy can be wound and collected in order to proceed with the dive, the navigation or the correct way back to the base.

The information on the positioning arrives to the ERON D-1 Dashboard that can be used combined with the Sinapsi on the DPV or simply at the wrist or along with any kind of DPV. The precise distance or way back direction as long as the following waypoint will be always available information for the diver through this efficient device.

The DPV user safety is among the SUEX essential aims. To have a re-fix and/or a GNSS back up while underwater for the DRIVe system and knowing the exact position during the last phase of the decompression as long as having a defined way back using the ERON D-1 at the wrist strongly reduce the divers’ risks during their return.