Cod. 71873

SUEX Discovery

The “Discovery” is an underwater vacuum, patented by SUEX, that utilizes the suction created by the propeller of a Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) inserted within it. This specially designed propeller, made for intensive use, generates a water flow that is channeled through a tube equipped with a filter. This setup enables the suction and filtering of debris from the seabed (such as sand, gravel, mud, and more) from the suction point to the exit located behind the propeller. During use, the DPV placed inside the Discovery does not generate any propulsive thrust and the system remains stationary. The SUEX Discovery is compatible with various SUEX DPV models, enhancing its versatility. With its ability to operate at depth and its advanced functionalities, this device, which is not connected to the surface in any way, is employed in scientific research, archaeology, conservation, and environmental studies, as well as for maritime-naval works and maintenance of submerged environments. Additionally, to protect the device during transport, a robust aluminum case is available, recommended to preserve the functionality and safety of the product against potential damage.

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