SUEX and Gianluca Genoni, the combination of DPV and freediving


The apnoea is a breath trick.

There are several kind of apnoea but the first big distinction is between the physiological one and the unnatural or “done-by-choice” one.

The first one generates from the survival instinct and it totally happens in a spontaneous way, once a person cannot breath; the second one requires a long-term training, going through one’s own body knowledge and a full awareness of one’s own breath.

Among the diving activities, the most fascinating one is certainly the freediving one, both for the way it allows to experience the watery environment and for the process characterising it.

At first, the freediver interest in the underwater wonders as well as his aim to test his resistance lead him to try this fascinating activity. Fear may be a difficulty to overcome but then new goals usually help to move forward with the aim to overcoming oneself and define new records to reach.

Once aware that the freediving is the chosen activity and once checked that there are the conditions to practice it, a long journey begins: it will require a strong commitment, determination and an extreme concentration. First it is essential to have a good awareness of the proper body functioning and more precisely of the breathing process. Furthermore, it would be useful to pay attention to the body and mind reactions while practising it.

It is nice to know that in the years when no freediver would have thought to use a DPV as a freediving support, SUEX totally fell in love with this fascinating activity and got married with it.

For more than 10 years, SUEX has been cooperating with famous freedivers supplying goods fulfilling their needs. Using a DPV means avoiding big efforts to the freediver and reducing the struggle generated by the attention to pay on all the aspects regarding the diving itself.

In this way greater depths can be reached just keeping the concentration on the proper relaxation and on a good compensation, while enjoying the seabed exploration. The DPV does the rest.

Despite the countless advantages and positive aspects, it would be meaningless not to consider the stressful aspects of the freediving practice, both in psychological and physical terms.

In both cases, the usage of a DPV certainly makes the difference in the support given to the freediver and SUEX has been a pioneer in this. SUEX has believed in important projects related to the freediving embracing its philosophy, supplying tools and sharing competence and experience. It has been working hard supporting several competitions and sponsorships and has been reaching the direct cooperation with the biggest freediving representatives.

The cooperation with Gianluca Genoni, a freediver of considerable importance, has been particularly significative. It has begun about 12 years ago and through the years has allowed SUEX to test how the DPV could be a support to the freediver and to experience what model within the products range was the most suitable, which one could better fulfil the champion requirements.

At the beginning an XK had been supplied; it is certainly a very performing model and it has no competitors within the diving world. However SUEX felt that something more was needed for the freediving activity and mainly on the basis of the confidence relationship established with Gianluca, SUEX has been welcoming his feedback and has been working on few changes on the DPV to let it be faster and then to develop a new product that has allowed Gianluca to reach his max depth, in 2012.

Nowadays it is very fascinating to listen to Gianluca’s narrations. Gianluca has been gaining an eclectic experience within the freediving world, including extreme undertakings like his diving experience in a Everest lake going down over 5000 mt for experimentation aims.

Gianluca Genoni has explained us how the DPV allows the diver to live the freediving good feeling experience, besides contributing to safety and comfort aspects. It is certainly necessary to learn how to manage the DPV, to both go towards the depth and then back towards the surface. Once the diver has understood how to use the DPV he can focus on the inner feelings and on his journey towards the deep intense blue and towards an ever more deafening silence.

The cooperation between SUEX and Gianluca Genoni represents a great evidence of the way SUEX loves the water environment and gives the idea of the way SUEX has always believed in the underwater activities, aiming to a continuous improvement on the products.

Another important cooperation within the freediving world has been the SUEX sponsorship of the AIDA freediving world championship held in Monaco in 2019. It has been a great opportunity to show the importance of the support of the DPVs for the freedivers in terms of assistance and safety.

The world championship freediver Pierre Frolla has been the way to implement the SUEX contribution to this important competition. Pierre has been doing his best as testimonial to show the quality of the SUEX DPVs and their essential utility both during the regular freediving activity and in more difficult situations as you may see in the video at the following link.

SUEX is very proud of its long lasting contribution on the freediving activities. The way the SUEX DPVs let them be safe, passionate and exiting activities is ground of merit for the brand.