Your Suex DPV always on hand in your pocket with the Calypso App

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Modern technological progress has concentrated an ever expanding variety of functions in our smartphones so that the most useful appliances are constantly on hand.

Modern smartphones have the capability of connecting to other devices, even over long distances, to swap information, receive updates, activate functions, and to generally extend the capabilities of whatever hardware or software they are interacting with.

In the same way Suex has brought this potential to DPVs, resulting in the Calypso App.

The Calypso App is an iOS and Android application that enables your smartphone to interface with Suex underwater scooters and accessories for a completely new approach to diving. It enhances control over your equipment with clear benefits in both efficiency and safety.

This is achieved by implementing wireless data connections with all Suex underwater electrical propulsion systems, as well as ERON D-1 dashboards  and SINAPSI nose units.

This connection is the foundation for all the Calypso App functions, enabling your smartphone for:

  • Configuration of basic parameters before each dive;
  • Immediate access to essential data before and after diving;
  • Monitoring the condition of Suex equipment;
  • Updating firmware for batteries, motors, ERON D-1 dashboards, and Sinapsi nose units.

The communication works both ways, and the DPV scooter can also message the smartphone to inform the user of the battery charge level for the underwater propulsion system, ensuring 100% charge capacity when starting a dive.

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The Calypso App provides hands on control for your underwater scooter at all times. The application also interacts with Suex’s DRIVe system, the ERON D-1 dashboard, and SINAPSI nose unit, further enhancing your diving experience and safety.