WKPP: the role of the XK 2F in the technical cave exploration

dpv esplorazione grotte

Suex have always promoted exploration of everything hidden below the surface of the water by providing underwater adventurers with the right instruments to fulfil their aspirations.

Over the last 20 years we have constantly improved our DPV scooter technology in the service of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Our electric underwater propulsion systems are equally suited to recreational and technical scientific use. In the latter category, our DPVs have supported researchers in important projects, for example the survey of the Wakulla-Leon Sinks cave system by the WKPP.

The Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) has been active since 1990 with the aim of exploring, mapping, connecting, documenting, and protecting the flooded cave systems in the Woodville Karst Plain in northern Florida, conducting operations under special use permit from US Forest Service and in collaboration with Florida Geological Survey and the National Speleological Society.

The WKPP regularly conducts technical cave dives of international standing for their length and logistical complexity, and the group holds a number of records in this field of exploration, including flooded cave system penetration.

In over 385 thousand hours of dive time, they have collected valuable scientific data with the aim of assisting local authorities for responsible decision making in the region, while also helping develop technical dive protocols.

Suex contributed to one of the more recent Woodville Karst Plain Project operations, taking advantage of their DPV scooter technology for long range cave exploration.

On the 13 and 14 August 2021, the scientists began exploration of the Wakulla-Leon Sinks cave system with the aim of taking photographs, videos, and positioning transmitters for the localization of the caverns (CRL, Cave Radio Locate).

The operations were conducted using a Suex DPV scooter, in the two-seater XK version, the XK 2F Dual Unit Systems.

The XK 2F Dual Unit Systems is our DPV designed for technical/professional use, capable of long range exploration thanks to its extremely long life battery and capacity to dive to considerable depths.

Furthermore, the XK 2F Dual Unit Systems makes full use of the DRIVe function, an integrated system for communication between Suex devices.

Compatibility with Calypso App, Eron D-1 and Sinapsi provides divers with valuable assistance for navigation and data collection during and after a dive, these being fundamental factors for safe and effective cave exploration.